myWall Pro being used to store gym equipment on the wall

Your Easy Home Gym Storage Solution

The beginning of a new year creates motivation to change habits and adopt healthier lifestyles. For many, this means setting up a personal gym or revamping an existing workout area, but storing gym equipment, especially in living spaces, can be problematic. 

Many people struggle with finding enough space to dedicate to a home gym. Items like weights, athletic gear, mats, and equipment cause clutter and pose safety hazards when no designated storage space exists. You also need your gym equipment conveniently located for easy accessibility. A well-organized, functional layout is crucial for anyone needing to optimize space.

This Solution Works For Any Size Gym

Enter the myWall system.

The myWall system is a game-changer when it comes to maximizing any space. By offering endless configurations and utilizing vertical space, myWall allows you to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing home gym. 

myWall is an innovative solution that saves valuable floor space, helps you avoid clutter, and adds an attractive design element to your home fitness environment. A well-designed and organized area creates a visually pleasing aesthetic, and properly arranged equipment improves the flow of workouts, positively impacting momentum and motivation. 

If you’re dealing with a tight, narrow space, every inch counts. You can easily stow equipment flush against the myWall panel, leaving ample space to work out or walk through. The system only takes up 3 inches of depth, making it a perfect fit for small environments.

Change It Up To Meet Your Varying Need

One of the standout features of myWall is its adaptability. With over 50+ accessories available, you can easily reconfigure your wall to meet your changing needs and functions. Unlike other pegwalls, myWall is purpose-built to accommodate heavy weights and multiple accessories. Whether adding new equipment, rearranging components for a different workout routine, or simply refreshing the look of your gym, myWall provides the flexibility you need.

Fitness enthusiasts love that the system is not just about functionality but also personalization. You can easily adapt myWall to fit your evolving needs and changing styles. Create a gym space that truly reflects your personality and preferences.

Keep It Clean

Cleanliness is a genuine concern in home gyms, especially with multiple users. You can easily clean myWall in its configured state, or for a deeper cleanse, remove the mounting pins and accessories to clean and sterilize each component individually. You can prioritize hygiene without compromising] the efficiency or style of your gym setup.

Stay Motivated All Year Long

As you embark on your fitness journey or upgrade your gym space this new year, consider the myWall system—a space-saving, stylish, and highly customizable solution that will transform your workout routine. myWall is where form meets function in the world of fitness.

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