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Maximize Micro Living Spaces

Tiny houses and micro spaces are gaining popularity for their budget-friendly and efficient layouts. However, one common challenge in these compact environments is maintaining organization alongside adequate personal space. myWall is a state-of-the-art peg wall system that offers versatile and innovative solutions to augment your micro space, freeing up room to relax and enjoy life.

Six Ways To Maximize Micro Spaces with myWall

1. Create Vertical Storage

myWall is exceptional for utilizing vertical space. Vertical storage becomes a game-changer in tiny houses where floor space is limited. Install the peg wall system on an empty wall or as room dividers to hang various items like kitchen utensils, office supplies, workout equipment, or even plants.  myWall keeps things organized but also adds a decorative element to your space.

2. Customize Organization

One of the remarkable advantages of the myWall peg wall system is its customizability. myWall offers over 60 accessory options that can easily change locations and configurations within minutes to meet your specific needs. In a micro space, adaptability is invaluable. Whether it’s adjusting shelving to accommodate different-sized items or adding hooks to hang clothing or accessories, myWall offers a personalizable organization solution.

3. Compact Workstations

Working from home is increasingly common, but creating a dedicated work area in a micro space can be challenging. myWall allows you to set up a compact workstation that functions as great as it looks. The interchangeable accessories accommodate and adapt to any workflow. Mount a desk or foldable table against the peg wall, hang shelves for office supplies, and keep cables and wires organized.

4. Display Artistic Style

Peg walls are not just for practical use; they can also be a canvas for artistic displays. In tiny houses where every piece of decor counts, myWall serves as a backdrop for hanging artwork, photos, or collectibles. The ever-changing display can be updated with new pieces, ensuring your space remains fresh and visually appealing.

5. Organize An Entryway

Tiny houses often lack a defined entryway, but myWall can help solve this problem. Create a designated space near the entrance by adding hooks for coats, shoe shelves, and a mirror for those final vibe checks before heading out. It’s a practical way to maintain a clutter-free living area.

6. Easily Access Essentials

myWall is ideal for storing frequently used items within arm’s reach. In the kitchen, it’s the perfect way to hang cooking utensils, pots, and pans. In a tiny bedroom, install myWall for hanging and storing clothing and shoes, holding laundry bins, or keeping books, lights, and other bedside items easily accessible. myWall lets you keep everything right where you need it most.

Functional Space Optimization Attracts More People

Tiny space living can be a relaxed and practical lifestyle choice for many people. Highlighting innovative and creative design with functional space optimization makes micro-living even more appealing. The myWall system is a versatile, space-saving solution that can significantly enhance the functionality of tiny houses and micro spaces. From vertical storage to customizable organization, myWall offers countless possibilities for making the most of any compact environment. Contact us to learn more.



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