customized pegboard wall for learning environments

How Customized Walls Boost Learning Environment

Today’s students are used to customizing everything from cell phone screens to apparel. The growth of experiential learning has forced classrooms to think about similar adaptations for students. While schools have come a long way in adopting technology and innovative approaches to curricula, classroom designs have remained relatively stagnant, often lagging behind the functional needs of evolving teaching methods.

The Rising Popularity Of Multifunctional Pegwalls

Many teachers and school administrators feel limited to repetitive interior designs and tools, unaware of simple, modern ways to refresh their classrooms. The goal is to foster deeper learning and creativity by keeping students engaged and interacting with peers and their environment, but classrooms must remain organized and clear of obstructions to operate efficiently.  The balance between form and function is why myWall pegboard wall systems are becoming increasingly popular with educators of all grade levels.

Teachers can customize any wall in their classroom to administer hands-on experimentation and interactive display and communication with this multi-functional pegboard wall system. The panels offer functional and high-quality construction essential for customization and durability in a  classroom setting. The adaptability of the myWall system makes it the perfect solution to maximize the function and efficiency of a learning environment that is constantly evolving as learning needs and methods change.

The Perfect Solution for Every Learning Environment

Teachers can customize the myWall panels with everything from magnetic whiteboards, shelves, hooks, and baskets to desks, lights, monitors, and more. Experiment with endless configurations and customizations using off-the-shelf goods easily mounted to myWall with locking pins.

Add imagination, and your ideal learning environment is just a few pin placements away.  Dynamically reconfigure myWall to meet your daily programming needs – use myWall as a STEAM lab in the morning, an interactive lecture wall in the afternoon, and a climbing rock wall in the evening for physical fitness instruction. Your options are endless!

7 Reasons Educators Prefer Pegwalls

Neutral-colored concrete walls aren’t the only thing that will get a boost from a customizable peg wall system. Classrooms morph into comfortable, enjoyable, safe places that boost learning. Teachers feel a sense of pride knowing their room is the best learning environment in the whole building.

1. Save Floor Space

The myWall system increases and maximizes classroom space by offering endless configurations and utilizing vertical space aesthetically and functionally.

2. Improve Design Aesthetic

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the myWall system has a neutral palette crafted with natural renewable materials. This style fits most school interiors and stays strong as trends shift.

3. Constantly Configure to Meet Your Daily Needs

Reconfigure the wall quickly and easily to adapt to new daily needs and functions. myWall has over 50+ accessories available to make your walls fit your style and needs, not to mention endless off-the-shelf items you can easily retrofit to work with myWall.

4. Suppor Renewable Resources

The global needs and trends for carbon-neutral products make the myWall system the perfect fit for eco-friendly educators. myWall products are manufactured from sustainable natural resources.

5. Augment Limited Space Environments

The myWall system only takes up 3 inches of depth, and many accessories can be easily stowed or set flush against the myWall panel itself to avoid overcrowding in tight spaces prone to foot traffic.

6. Clean With Ease

Because sterilization and wellness are essential, the myWall system can be easily cleaned as configured or by removing the mounting pins and accessories for a deeper cleanse.

7. Personalize Everything

Educators can reconfigure their myWall system to fit their needs and style. It’s easy to adapt the myWall system to their personal needs as they change over time.

How To Start Your myWall Classroom Experience

Students and teachers worldwide love myWall—from colleges and universities to the highest-ranking private K-12 schools. It’s easy to hang in minutes and offers unmatched strength. Find the solution that is right for you.



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