myWall Pro being used to store gym equipment on the wall

Your Easy Home Gym Storage Solution

The beginning of a new year creates motivation to change habits and adopt healthier lifestyles. For many, this means setting up a personal gym or revamping an existing workout area,

customized pegboard wall for learning environments

How Customized Walls Boost Learning Environment

Today’s students are used to customizing everything from cell phone screens to apparel. The growth of experiential learning has forced classrooms to think about similar adaptations for students. While schools

tiny home with micro spaces

Maximize Micro Living Spaces

Tiny houses and micro spaces are gaining popularity for their budget-friendly and efficient layouts. However, one common challenge in these compact environments is maintaining organization alongside adequate personal space. myWall

myWall project for Rhode Island Corporate Office

Rhode Island Corporate Office Installation

myWall was the perfect solution for 2 large creative brainstorming work areas within a large corporation in Rhode Island. The company needed a space that could be used for organic,

mywall skyline

Skyline Exhibits DC

With the needs of exhibitors always changing, the myWall system is becoming a perfect solution that can fit the needs of any company selling a product that is best seen

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