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myWall Trade Show Displays

Walking through any trade show you will be overwhelmed with booths of every size and shape, massive images screaming vendors’ products, logos, and slogans all striving to compete for attention and hopefully new business. Every booth demanding a moment of time from each passerby, competing for business in a demanding and energized convention hall filled with prospects.

While each vendor has dedicated time, resources and immense cost into these booths the reality is they all miss a critical component to selling their products, the physical ability to display and house the products themselves. Potential buyers want to see the products, they want to touch them and whenever possible they want to buy them there on site. Current booth construction is seriously limited in their ability to bear the weight of any volume of products, limiting the vendors’ ability to really connect with each person passing by.

myWall has developed a streamlined, customizable and weight bearing solution perfect for any vendor working in any market. Whether you have a volume of product to display or bulk inventory to house, the myWall system is the effective, creative and functional display solution you need in the fast-paced, crowded and demanding convention environment.

Customized solutions of the myWall system provide vendors with limitless configurations from mass displays, private rooms for conferences, exhibit space, dedicated image panels, shelving and storage and the best part, the configurations can be modified to suit the space with the same elements. The structure and panels work together seamlessly providing the same functionality for a linear setup, a 10’x10’ or a 20’x20’ peninsula. Once you have the system it will adapt to you and your convention needs.

Please contact us to start customizing your solution.

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