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Thinkterior Looks to Renewable Resources for myWall

Rubberwood is known by many names including, Parawood, Hevea, Malaysian Oak, White Teak and Plantation Hardwood. The Para rubber tree is farmed on over 9 million acres of plantations primarily for the latex industry who have used the sap of these beautiful trees in the manufacturing of latex products for decades. The previously discarded remains are now being used to in a variety of ways including the manufacturing of furniture and toys.

While being known as environmentally friendly, Rubberwood has many qualities that make it a perfect choice for construction and fine furniture. The wood has the same density as ash or maple and has very little shrinkage making it a stable construction choice. The wood is easily worked and takes stains uniformly. The dense grain makes it easily controllable in the kiln drying process and the minimal pattern and variation make it a natural choice for clean and contemporary styles.

Thinkterior’s choice of using Rubberwood is a departure from the mass-produced plastic and MDF products flooding the market offering not only a more environmentally conscious choice but a beautiful and lasting option.

Thinkterior believes that creativity is endless but we know that our resources are not. As an international company, we strive to make this world a more beautiful place and we want to make sure that the mark we leave is a positive one.

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